Thoughts on IPL 2010 on YouTube

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A daily fix of T20 cricket from the best big hitters and death bowlers in the world is going to prove seductive to any cricket fan.

Here are some thoughts: The YouTube image has pretty poor resolution. You can’t read the graphics. This is because YouTube, despite their enormous profile, have a particularly low res player which is not ideal for live streaming. The TV show and the players are billboards for some remarkably ugly overbranding, with logos & patches everywhere. Altogether, this smudge of different names ends up making the IPL and their backers look cheap and sloppy. The pyjama kits also need a rethink appropriate for a new but already powerful feature of the international sporting calendar. The marketing and TV production team behind the IPL could learn a lot from the UEFA Champions League coverage, where enormous care is given to the presentation of the four main competition sponsors, with integrated graphics and advertising. It makes for a better product for the viewer, and better value for money for the sponsors.

What a mess: IPL 2010 team logos

The IPL use pitchside cheerleaders to applaud wickets, fours and sixes. They do not film them very close up, which seems to defeat the point, no? It’s like the camera keeps a respectful distance, which is odd. Whatever, the cheerleader thing is a tired gimmick which seems a bit dated. And they’re not even dancers with proper routines. They just giggle about and wave their pom-poms. Also, these girls are not Indian, so presumably they are flown in for the purpose – which is a bit creepy, don’t you think? We’re told that the IPL makes huge profits, and two new franchises were recently sold at auction for a combined total of $803m. As Dolly Parton said: “it takes a lot of money to look this cheap”.

I just love the T20 format, and I like to see the ball smashed out of the ground as much as the next fan. There is little in sport to match a lustily struck six over long on. But as a format, T20 suffers from the fact that an early batting collapse, particularly in the first innings, totally kills the game. So when the Declan Chargers lost early wickets and then collapsed to 92 all out again Bangalore, it was pretty clear after just 10 overs what the likely outcome would be. Jacques Kallis and 20 yr old MK Pandey, under no pressure, knocked off the runs without incident. Impressive, but boring. I’m not sure there’s a solution to that, but it strikes me that while I’ve seen some fine batting and bowling, I’ve yet to see a close finnish.

Finally, Tendulkar is a genius in form: catch him if you can.

Sachin Tendulkar of the Mumbai Indians

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